A degree without debt? 

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Now a days having a full honours degree, without debt and earning money at the same time sounds too good to be true; however under a new scheme backed by the government this is now possible.

18-25 year old that have achieved a levels or equivalent and have not been to university are being offered the chance to choose from a range of outstanding opportunities. If you are interested in an apprenticeship in the IT industry click here to see what vacancies we have to offer.

The aim of a higher level apprenticeship course is to integrate academic learning at degree level and on-the-job practical training. This is ideal for both employers and employees, as it enables apprentices to learn and earn at the same time. Employers are able to get enthusiastic young people as well as a sum of money from the government to help with funding.

The qualifications gained from a higher level apprenticeship so far include; social media and digital marketing, software development, web and game development, cyber security and software testing, telecoms and Network installation, and support and design. This means that at the end the apprenticeship you will have a qualification equivalent to a foundation degree.

However this option is only available in the digital sector at present, however the government hopes that if the programme is successful, it could be extended to other industries in the future.

More than 100,000 employers are offering quality apprenticeships in more than 220,000 locations, why not talk to us today and see how you could benefit.

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